Nash Tackle Off The Hook Podcast – S2 Episode 26 – Adam Penning


This week joining host Hassan is the one and only Adam Penning!

Adam is highly regarded as one of the finest carp anglers in the country. His relentless pursuit of big, special carp on tricky, pressured venues competing against both the fish and the highest calibre of anglers set him apart from the crowd and in his own words defines him as a “Piscatorial Masochist”

Adam talks through his early years, how he got started in fishing, how he got involved in the industry through Peter Drennan and E.S.P and recalls some amazingly successful chapters in his angling on Linear Fisheries Manor Farm and The Quarry in Essex. He also covers in detail his time on Bayswater which culminated, after some seriously good angling in the capture of “The Coconut Common” one of the finest commons in the land at the time and a real Essex history fish.

The later part of the podcast is dedicated to two more recent campaigns where Adam has caught some of the finest looking carp that swim in our waters. His tale of his success on “Lapem” (as he calls the venue to protect its true identity in respect of those anglers still on there) where he captured two mirrors which can only be described as breath taking. He also talks about Grendon Lakes, a venue which he has torn apart and is still fishing despite catching forty-seven fish out of a stock of only forty-five fish (there’s been some repeats) as he searches for the one he wants, which I’m sure isn’t too far away.

Finally, we delve into Adams foreign fishing exploits including his epic capture of his Cassein “snark” back in 2018. On wider issues, he talks in depth about his mentality, drive, fishing on limited time with a family and on the importance of how to maximise your time and value each capture. It’s a truly incredible glimpse into the mind of a man with incredible depth, intelligence and carp catching ability, that’s not to mention how good he is at telling a story!

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