Nash Tackle Off The Hook Podcast – S2 Episode 25 – Dave Levy


This week joining host Hassan is former Nash Tackle sponsored angler, now RidgeMonkey & Mainline Baits carp catching machine Dave Levy.

There’s a reason this podcast is over four hours long and that is due to Dave’s relentless lifelong pursuit of carp! We look back at Dave’s formative years which where eventful to say the least. During these early years Dave (being from a military family) had to move a lot as his father was posted to different parts of the country, he discovered his love for boxing, he went through his struggles at school and later was kicked out of his family home by his dad when he was 16 years old. During this whole time carp fishing was a constant in his life and was always in his blood. From his very early visits to Yateley where he was well out of his depth, through to him honing his craft on local Essex waters and establishing himself as a carp angler on the likes of Walthamstow and Sutton, it’s fair to say this early success and hunger was only the tip of the carp fishing iceberg for Dave.

His passion for carp fishing has to this day never wavered and he has never had a break in over 30 years. It has cost him marriages as well as much more, but by Dave’s own admission he wouldn’t change it for anything. Dave’s mind set and drive for carp fishing is highlighted by his awesome captures on Tol Pits, The Essex Manor, Collingbrooke, Horton, Wraysbury, Kingsmead, Northwich and a 485 acre “Unkown” Essex Reservoir. The earlier of these captures came whilst Dave was still serving in the Parachute Regiment of the Army and the later campaigns he only had one night a week fishing at his disposal.

Dave also talks about his recent carp fishing history with him writing his book “Fallen Kings” and his success on Essex Carp Syndicates “The Rise” which was tipped off by the capture of a 50lb+ carp known as Brick Top. He also shares his opinions on the modern carp fishing scene, social media and imported carp. It’s a truly jaw dropping, enlightening and thorough look into one of the very best carp anglers out there and shows exactly what it takes to be successful, warts and all!

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