Nash Tackle Off The Hook Podcast – S2 Episode 24 – Henry Lennon


This week the podcast welcomes Nash Tackle Marketing Coordinator Henry Lennon.

In this episode Henry tells his story in his own words. From his beginnings fishing in Switzerland avoiding Police and park rangers in pursuit of carp, pike and various other species armed with his John Bailey fishing encyclopaedia all the way through to joining Nash and him finding his feet in the modern UK carp scene. Henry has certainly not had your “textbook” angling journey thus far and testament to his passion and natural angling ability he has achieved a great deal in a relatively short space of time.

As to be expected there’s more than a few funny, crazy and by now “typical” Henry moments along the way as well as some real awesome pieces of angling. There’s certainly a lot more to Henry then he lets on. You’re sure to be captivated, entertained and surprised by one very talented young man.

*please note that due to COVID-19 restrictions we have filmed this podcast in a different location in compliance with the latest National Government guidelines. Therefore, the audio, setting and format have changed from previous podcasts in order to ensure full compliance, safety and so that we can still bring you this content.

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