Nash Tackle Off The Hook Podcast – S2 Episode 20 – Dan Yeomans

This week the podcast welcomes Nash Tackle Media Manager and former podcast host Dan Yeomans.

In this episode Dan talks about his early fishing years and how (after some “interesting” other jobs) he managed to get involved in the industry with Nash Tackle. In terms of his carp fishing Dan shares some of the most incredible, inspiring and downright hilarious tales of his carp fishing adventures in Belgium, Europe and back home in the UK. From 40lb+ canal monsters to a 60lb+ river carp, Dan has certainly witnessed and experienced some incredible moments. As ever, along the way there’s some strange and shocking stories about other members of the Nash Tackle team.

One thing’s for sure, Dan’s storytelling and personality is sure to keep you fully entertained throughout!

*please note that due to COVID-19 restrictions we have filmed this podcast in a different location in compliance with the latest National Government guidelines. Therefore, the audio, setting and format have changed from previous podcasts in order to ensure full compliance, safety and so that we can still bring you this content.

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