Nash Tackle Off The Hook Podcast – S2 Episode 21 – Kevin Nash “A Carp Fishing Journey” Part 5

This week the podcast welcomes back Kevin Nash for Part 5 in his podcast miniseries “A Carp Fishing Journey”

This episode focuses on the early to mid 90’s and yet more epic tales of Kevins’ European pioneering carping adventures to the likes of Lake Sarulesti (Raduta) and Italy. Kevin also share his experimentations with rigs, tackle and bait over this period which led him to some incredible, historic success domestically back on Star Lane. This period is a huge chapter in the Nash Tackle and Nash Bait development story with the start of the infamous “blow back rig” and the rise of Scopex Squid.
In customary Nash style there’s the usual controversy, awesome captures, laughter and shocking tales that only Nashy could share in the most upfront, honest way!

*please note that due to COVID-19 restrictions we have filmed this podcast in a different location in compliance with the latest National Government guidelines. Therefore the audio, setting and format have changed from previous podcasts in order to ensure full compliance, safety and so that we can still bring you this content.

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