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CarpFreakz - carp fishing - good carp fishing

Fishing the most FAMOUS LAKE in Essex | CARP FISHING 2020

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GDXqnluOMaUWill ‘Black Moth’ Ward and Rob Burgess invite us to join them on a 48 hour carp fishing session at their syndicate lake, one...

Korda Masterclass 8: Winter Carp Fishing | Danny Fairbrass (2021)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uUtxeItj380CHAPTER 1: Danny Fairbrass features in Carp Fishing Masterclass 8 - WINTER Masterclass The first ever WINTER Masterclass and Korda's Danny F chooses French big...


Mozza Versus is back! Packed full of laughs as usual and this time featuring the biggest carp EVER caught on the series, it certainly...
CarpFreakz - carp fishing - good carp fishing

Korda Thinking Tackle Podcast #034 – Danny Fairbrass | Carp Fishing

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UqagizOV77ADanny Fairbrass is one of carp fishing’s most respected and aspirational figures. His company Korda Developments Ltd, has played an integral role in the...
CarpFreakz - carp fishing - good carp fishing

SO MANY BIG FISH | Tom Maker’s Best Year Ever (Carp Fishing)

We can't quite believe just how many HUGE CARP Tom Maker caught during 2020! Everyone knows he catches a lot of carp, but to...
CarpFreakz - carp fishing - good carp fishing

Korda Thinking Tackle Podcast #031 – Nick Helleur | Carp Fishing

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=74Vt3u1jj-oNick Helleur is by his own admission, the Peter Pan of carp fishing, indulging in a hedonistic lifestyle of worldwide angling adventures and carp...
CarpFreakz - carp fishing - good carp fishing

CATCH CARP when NO-ONE else is (Spring Zig Fishing with Harry Charrington)

A short day session sees Harry take a lightweight approach with his tackle as he goes for a wander around Suffolk Water Park. Finding...

How To Tie Spinner Rig | Tom Dove Carp Fishing

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lEvlFzXSgLMKorda carp angler Tom Dove explains how he likes to tie the famous Spinner Rig and why he thinks it is so effective! TAKEN FROM:...
CarpFreakz - carp fishing - good carp fishing

Carp Fishing Marathon – BINGE WATCH Mozza Versus episodes (OVER 4 HOURS!!)

We have put together a BUMPER episode of Mozza Versus with 4 hours of carp fishing entertainment! BINGE out on the full Mozza VS...
CarpFreakz - carp fishing - good carp fishing

3 CARP IN 5 MINUTES!! | Duck Quacker Baiting Pole (Carp Fishing)

***Disclaimer: this was an April Fools Joke, please don't try and order this product*** The Duck Quacker Baiting Pole is the ultimate edge in stealth...

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